Friday, January 13, 2006

Shadegg's In

It really is difficult to determine what sort of an impact this will make on the race. It will likely drive all three candidate to a reformist platform. Boehner has already been making a move in this direction (particularly with earmark reform). Blunt will likely attempt to make similar strides in the next few days.

Boehner had particularly kind words for Shadegg upon his announcement while the Blunt camp maintained their aura of confidence. Below is a segment from Boehner's statement:
John is an important member of our Conference and a respected voice for reform. His entry into the Majority Leader race is further proof the Conference isn't happy with the status quo. Our Conference will only benefit from a truly open and competitive contest based on ideas, principles, and abilities, and I welcome him into the race. Between the two of us, we're going to make this race about reforming how the House does business and providing a real alternative to the status quo.
Hopefully today will give as idea of the direction of the race, if people will stick with their commencements or not, or if all three will stick out the race. Should be interesting. Shadegg has already announced that he is resigning his currently leadership position out of principle and as a bit of a jab at Blunt. Many feel that Blunt not resigning as Majority Whip is unfair as those jockeying for position behind him feel pressured to support him rather than follow their conscience.

In another development, as one can see below Blunt received quite a bit of support from Texas yesterday with a handful still unannounced.


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