Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Why Michael Barone is the best numbers guy in the media...

Check out Michael Barone's entry today on his blog...he proves once again why he is the best numbers writer in politics today. His points about why R's and D's can't (or shouldn't) are particularly salient.

It is a must read. (unless you are a democrat-I think I'd prefer you not to read it).


Blogger Matt said...

This is an excellent article in that it lies out exactly what most of speakers on the right have been saying. This could just as easily have been Rush, because I have heard these exact comments every day.

However, it is not as inspiring to me as it seems to be to Barone. I believe that what it shows more than anything is the political astuteness of Hillary. How many times has she attacked our Iraq policy? Have you heard a word from her on the Ten Commandments? No. Her is what she does next year. She gets the Sharptons, Kucinichs, Kerrys, and Gores and every liberal group she can find and says if you want to get a word in in the next four years you get on board.

While I agree that our party is more popular, and I think that will continue to show in the House and Senate, as of right now I see no one that espouses the values that the Party is supposed to depict. Giuliani, pro-gay, pro-choice, had extensive spending programs in New York. McCain(Kerry's VP), Frist?. This is not to say that no one can emerge, but as of right now it seems to me that Hillary is doing it right, and we are busy attacking each other and conceding too much to the left.

10/13/2005 8:22 AM  
Blogger Steve said...

George Allen? I don't think it will be one of the candidates you mentioned above.

I will post more when I get some time

10/13/2005 8:49 AM  
Blogger Nathan said...

Well a big question is how overwhelmingly (if at all) would a Rudy or McCain bid appeal to the moderate electorate-maybe they lose some of the conservative votes (Rudy with the religious right and McCain with those he has pissed off) but would they make up for it so much from the middle that they would still blow away their opponent? Polling is showing pretty big leads for both agains Hillary.

I think the interesting point is that the Republicans can run someone further than the right (successfully) than the Democrats can to the left. Who was the most Conservative President of the last 50 years? RR-check out his vote totals.

I don't think there were any 'Johnson Republicans' or 'Carter Republicans'. Kind of an interesting thing to think about when consider what is the attitude of our country when it comes to ideology.

10/13/2005 3:36 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

Which further begs the question, why don't we stand up for who we are and enact conservative principles in congress and presidency!?!

I still don't think it will be McCain.

10/13/2005 5:29 PM  
Blogger Matt said...

Nathan, I have to correct you. On the first page or Barone's article he says that 25% of people who called themselves conservative voted for Carter.

I agree with Steven that we should be enacting Conservative principles. The biggest problems are that too many of the people we are electing are country club Republicans, these are Republican's who love their money but don't care about the Conservative principles. Problem two is that politicians think that people are too dumb. They think the average person doesn't understand this and in 1976 that was obviously true(as 25% of us voted for Carter) but with all the news sources now being upfront and truly representing the issues would allow us to make better choices.

10/13/2005 5:43 PM  
Blogger Ellis Wyatt said...

All this talk about polling data and 2008. Does that make any sense when we use an electoral system where you can lose the popular vote and still win the Presidency (2000 anyone)?

As for the elections of 1964 and 1976... They were extraordinary elections. '64 was after JFK and LBJ stood up and said Jack would have wanted it this way. '76 was after Watergate and Ford was one of the weakest Presidents ever.

Yes, we need to enact more conservative principles. Look at government growth. Cut it out. I can't stand the intrusions into state and local issues. It sickens me for my tax dollars to go to build a 'bridge to nowhere' in Alaska... or to put in nice landscaping on the RR Memorial Highway in CA. The Gipper has to be rolling over in his grave when that was earmarked.

10/14/2005 9:35 AM  

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