Monday, October 31, 2005

Who Dey!

Solid win against a not so solid team...Nolan, just wanted to point out that the Bengals beat the Bears and Pack this year...ha! Are you a Sox of Cubs fan btw? Ohio State won, can't complain about that-the offense is looking better (and Ted Ginn is finally coming alive)...better late than never I suppose. Michigan still hanging in the Top 25...

I just felt like I was scalped by the Peuqot Indian tribe that inhabits Foxwoods Casino. I suppose that is what we get for stealing their land-although I am still not quite sure how these Native Americans also seem to have Italian last names.

alright...just wanted to ramble about sports and whatnot...feel free to throw in your two-cents.


Blogger Matt said...

I am a Sox fan...and always have been not like those bastards that were Cubs fans until two weeks ago. But I am not happy with merely winning the World Series, despite my hours of screaming and cheering I want a repeat of last year. Boston/New England = Chicago/Chicago.

While I agree Cincy looks good they are probably going to finish second in the division, meaning all three games are on the road. Also Cincy is two games out of first in the AFC.
Very possibly Cincy will play New England at home in the first game.

Chicago on the other hand is all alone in first, by two games basically. They are the clear favorite to win the division, meaning at least one home game, and we are only one game out of first in the NFC.

If you read this far, wow, you have less life than I do, and you also realized I am the biggest Homer ever. But we can always pray.

10/31/2005 9:53 PM  

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